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I'm a professional proofreader and editor obsessed with grammar and the ever-expanding English language. I have an eagle eye for typos, misspellings, and punctuation snafus. I love hacking away at run-on sentences and bringing clarity to even the densest technical jargon. Want to express yourself more effectively in print?

I can help your words sing on the page.

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Kudos from some of my most recent clients, for dissertations, research papers, TV scripts and screenplays, personal statements, and books.

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"I worked with Janine to put the finishing touches on my dissertation and couldn't have been happier with her thorough and conscientious review of the document. She has an amazing eye for detail and caught a number of inconsistencies and formatting errors that I had missed multiple times. She was timely, responsive, and extremely professional...[and] went above and beyond what I expected in getting the document ready to submit for publication and for a national award. I know the final product is better and more polished because of her expertise and great attention to detail." - Molly Smith, PhD, Instructional Support Specialist, University of Denver




"Janine did an awesome job reviewing two manuscripts I was preparing for submission. Both of these manuscripts were in Ecology, and Janine showed great interest in the subject, which made me feel good about my work! The care that she has in reviewing and editing every sentence taught me to read and write more carefully. Both of the manuscripts received great comments about the writing from peer-reviewers of the journals, and none of the reviewers had complaints about grammar or spelling error, which as a ESL writer is a great achievement! Besides all the help with the revision and editing, Janine is a great person to meet. She is kind and interested to know more about you, which makes all the stress of writing and editing go away. I will continue to use her expertise in editing my materials. I definitely recommend her work!" - Mayra C. Vidal, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Syracuse University

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2016 - 2019

"Janine's a great editor. I kept just about everything she did on my book, and was so glad she came onto this project. Her work was very helpful: she tightened things up just enough, and I liked what she did to the ending, a lot." - Gordon Atkinson, author, Turtles All the Way Down.

"I hired Janine Gastineau to copy-edit my manuscript; she did that and much more, alerting me to confusing sentences, offering suggestions for better phrasing. She was easy to work with and conducted her editing with dispatch. Janine will definitely improve your writing project." - Alan Carpenter, author, Choose Better, Live Better – 9 Healthy Choices that Nurture Body, Mind, and Spirit.

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"There are few things more useful in writing than gaining an outside perspective you can trust. As writers all too well know, this can be difficult to come by. Janine understands character and story, her input has been so helpful to me as a writer on more than one occasion and several projects. If you ask for her perspective once, you will return over and over asking for her future input.” - Greg Camalier, writer, director, and producer (MUSCLE SHOALS documentary)

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I am really satisfied with Janine's work. I worked with her to review all the chapters of my dissertation on wind farm technology, and she did an amazing job. She helped me to not only correct grammar mistakes, but also to think about how to improve my writing style. Janine helped me to create and solidify my own way of writing my thoughts; I recommended her to several of my friends because I know they will get an extraordinary payback. All in all, I recommend Janine for her editing services without any doubts! - Rafael V. Rodrigues, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Denver

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Janine helped me on my graduate admissions essay when I felt really stuck and had only a few hours before the submission deadline. She took the time to listen to what I wanted to convey and helped me make my writing more clear and concise, made sure to tell me what she felt were the strengths of my essay, gently corrected my grammatical mistakes, and helped me cut down my word count. With Janine's help, I was able to submit an essay I felt proud of; I could not have done it without her. Her patience, kindness, and intelligence make her an excellent editor, and I highly recommend her services! - Chelsea Quilling, Paralegal

Janine also spent over a decade writing about professional dance and the performing arts for local and national publications, including DANCE magazine, Stagebill for the Kennedy Center, and the New York Times. Recently she's been tutoring both native English and ESL student writers in several university writing centers. Additional experience in surgical services, customer service, and academic research make her literate in myriad subjects.